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Why opt for Porcelain Tile?

When you are looking for the right kind of bathroom wall tiles to upgrade the decor, undoubtedly porcelain remains the best choice. This is because; no other part of the house goes through the same amount of wear and tear as bathroom.

Generally, a porcelain tile is formed by pressing porcelain clays. This result is thus the formation of a tile that is less porous and dense with fine grain and smooth texture.  Having lesser water absorption rate than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are more frost and water resistant.  Over the years, porcelain has become a popular choice for bathroom.

Here we provide you top five reasons why would you go for porcelain tiles for your bathroom:

  • Porcelain is tough and last for years and much lesser susceptible to water- Of course, you don’t want to refurbish your bathroom every now and then. Porcelain tiles stand the test of time, quite elegantly because of extra denser nature. The constant splash of water thus does not affect porcelain bathroom wall tiles or flooring.

  • Porcelain tiles offer unmatched versatility in designs-This is because, almost all kind of natural stone varieties can be mimicked on porcelain tiles. From fashion to exotic locales, leather to fabric, all kinds of designs are available on porcelain tiles.

  • Porcelain tiles are available in two types- Porcelain tiles are available in two basic varieties normal and glazed. Glazed porcelain is completely covered in a layer of hard finish thus giving the tile a glaze and more strength than the other variety, thorough-body porcelain. Thorough body porcelain tiles are, however, full of natural colour and texture, hiding any sort of chips and scratches.

  • Porcelain is hard- Yes, porcelain is much harder compared to ceramic tiles of any other stone.  This is because; porcelain is formed at a very higher temperature making it harder and denser. Tile cracks are not at all common for porcelain.  It is also, thus resistant to water formed bacteria and odour.

  • The ease of using porcelain- Porcelain tiles are very easy to clean and also to install. Porcelain tiles can be easily cleaned with damp mops and vacuum. However, abrasives like steel wool or souring pads should be avoided.  Installation of the tiles can be easily done on any smooth surface like slab, cement-based backer board, underlayment-grade plywood, and even on existing tile.

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Some Modern Bathroom Accessories Set That you can Invest

We think a lot while doing the interiors of or home and that includes every corner, the bathroom and the kitchen as well. You can turn your bathroom into a real luxury den just by adding a few classy accessories.  You can buy bathroom accessories online and you will be amazed at the sheer range of accessories on offer. You can place them strategically in your bathroom to create your own signature look.

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New Bath Products for 2015

Thanks to our stressful lives, we all are in need of a place to retreat. What if such a place can be created or recreated in our own homes? This article provides you with a list of new bath products which will help you to find a new place to unwind right inside your home, without the need to visit the spa. Bathroom set online is also a good choice for those who cannot afford to physically visit stores and search through their racks.

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Keep your Bathroom Organized

The modern bathroom is a perfect juxtaposition of old and new bathing culture. It has now essentially become an individual wellness temple- the consumers are very much speculative and choosy as far as bathroom furnishing is considered. An organized and neat bathroom makes the joy of bathing more relaxing. However bathroom, if left unattended properly, can easily look messy and cluttered. Organizing a bathroom can be very easy though, just follow the points:

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How to Organize Bathroom Cabinets

Organizing a cabinet might look like a seemingly simply idea, but it is not. Bathroom cabinets are meant to be functional and we install it so that we can keep our most essential items within easy reach. However, over time, it tends to become cluttered. Here are some simple ways to help you organize the bathroom cabinets.

  1. Bathroom cabinets in Ireland are available in all shapes and sizes and you need to choose from that would suit the size of the bathroom, the available wall space and the items that you are thinking of storing into it. If they have already been installed and have turned messy and cluttered, then it is time to do the needful and prune the unnecessary items.
  2. Get a trashcan and discard all the unwanted objects- empty strips of medicine, expired bottles of ointments, unused wax strips, empty toothpaste, broken tooth floss, torn napkins- you will be amazed at the amount of junk your cabinet can turn up. Throw away everything and scrub the cabinet clean.
  3. Now have a look at the items that are essential. Add the additional items that you are thinking of adding as well. The idea is to compartmentalize. This can be done in two ways:
    • First, you can divide the items according to their utility- like make up, medicines, soaps and shampoo, baby products, towels and napkins and the like. Get separate boxes for each item and label them correctly. Put in the articles and place them on the shelves. So when you are searching for the medicine, you know exactly which box to look into.
    • Another way to compartmentalize items is to divide it according to the possessions of the family members because there is always one in the family who has a habit of putting things out of place. In that case, take the boxes and label them with Mom, Dad, and the names of the siblings of course. In that way, a person will only look for his belongings in his box and leave the rest untouched.
  4. Most importantly, monitor yourself when putting back items. Make it a point to put them back in the proper shelves or in the respective boxes. With continuous practice, it will soon become second nature to you and you will prevent the bathroom cabinets from getting cluttered at all and organizing it will look like the simplest task in the world.


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How to Clean Strains on Bathroom Taps

The taps and faucets in the bathroom are no doubt items of immense utility but most of us do not pay heed to their aesthetic appeal as such. However, even then, it is important to maintain the basic cleanliness of the fitting in our bathroom- unclean taps and faucets make for an overall unkempt look. However, we find that the stains on the bathroom taps are not very easy to remove. Here are some ways of tackling this problem:

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Hottest Fresh Bathroom Trends in 2015

They say, the taste of a family is reflected by the way their bathroom is maintained. Not only is it a place to freshen up and become ‘cleaner’, it is also the room where you can be just as you are and relax after a tiring day. Right from bathroom sets to the drainage system, everything contributes in creating the look. Thus, keep the bathroom spick and span, nicely decorated and decked up with useful yet good looking things will only help you and the other unwind as well as get praises from visitors. Here are the latest trends for decorating bathrooms this year:

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