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How to Clean Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Cabinets in the bathroom are extremely functional and when placed and used correctly, they can help you with a lot of storage solutions. Cabinets which come with an attached mirror on the front serve a dual purpose and it saves a lot of wall space in a small bathroom. However, since a lot of items ranging from the tooth floss to your daily sleeping pills are stored in these bathroom mirror cabinets, it is essential to keep it clean and hygienic at all times. Here are some ways to help you:

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Tips to buy the Bathroom Cabinet

Enhance the livability of your bathroom by selecting the right furniture. Buying bathroom furniture is a big investment which you need to decide carefully. The furniture which you place in your bathroom can be both decorative and functional. If you are planning to buy bathroom cabinets identify whether you need them for frequent use or for long term storage. You can easily tuck the cleaning supplies, bathing items and linen in the cabinets. The cabinets are very essential for storage and often serve as a support for the bathroom sink.

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Type Of Mirror That You Must Have In Your Bathroom

Mirrors have a very important function to play in a household. For many mirror is a piece of decoration that can do wonders to make a drab room look interesting. Another major primary function of mirrors is to get the real reflection of yourself.

Function and Placement of Mirrors in Your Home


If planning to use a mirror for the sole purpose of decoration, then make sure you have one in the living area of your house. But if the function that a piece of mirror will have is to provide adequate reflection of yourself, then you must ensure to place it in your bathroom and your bedrooms.

Placing mirrors in your bathroom is quite tricky because there are a lot of influencing factors. These influencing factors can affect the texture of the mirror drastically. Hence, it is necessary for you to know the type of mirrors that is well suited for your bathroom type.

Type of Mirror You must Have in Your Bathroom


  • Moisture Resistant – Bathroom is one place where you find water in great abundance. All the items kept in the bathroom are mostly water resistant. Hence, when selecting your bathroom mirror it is important for you to figure out whether the material of the frame is water resistant or not. A wooden frame might look extremely classy, but in spite of that you should resist the temptation of placing it in your bathroom. Since wood is not water resistant.


  • Should Brighten Up Your Bathroom – Mirrors have this wonderful effect of brightening things up. When you place it in a room, it has the power to illuminate the entire room. In order to enhance this effect further, you can always place the mirror in your bathroom and strategically place the lights so that the bathroom gets illuminated beautifully.


  • Should Create the Illusion of a Large Bathroom Space – As we all know that bathrooms create an illusion with the help of reflection. Hence, if you look around with the help of a mirror, the room area looks much bigger than what they actually are. This is the same case even for bathrooms, the mirror creates the illusion that the available bathroom area is much more than what you actually think. Thus, creating an illusion that the bathroom is much bigger than what it actually is creates a sense of satisfaction.

Understand your bathroom first because that will help you to decide the type of mirror that will be most suited for it.

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Tips to Make Your Bathroom an Accident-free Zone

Bathrooms are places where the risk of falling and hurting yourself is maximum. Sometimes, accidents due to slipping in bathroom can be fatal. So, how to avoid accidents in the bathroom? Here are a few tips that will ensure that your bathroom is safe and accident-free zone.

Firstly, Make the Bathtub Non-slip:

Use safety strips or anti-slip bath mat so that you don’t slip when stepping in and out of the bathtub. This is one of the most cost-effective and useful bathroom accessories available in various designs and materials both online and offline.

Transfer Bench for the Tub:

Another very useful item that you can use for bathroom safety, is the transfer bench. It keeps you from falling as you get inside and out of the bathtub. This stable support is extremely efficient in averting accidents.

Installing a Bath Lift:

With the help of bath lift you can use the bathtub without any worry. These can not only be installed easily, but are also comparatively cheaper than redoing your bathtub, most of the times.

Shower Chairs for Bathroom Safety:

A shower chair is a great safety option- be it for a shower or a bathtub. These chairs give you the freedom of bathing comfortably without stressing your legs.

No Rushing:

Rushing inside the bathroom is not at all advisable. Perform all the activities slowly and use common sense while you’re inside the bathroom with water spilled everywhere on the floor. You are the starting point when it comes to bathroom safety.

Maintain Toilet Height:

A seat with proper height offers convenience and comfort, no matter who sits on it (in terms of age). Raised toilet seats not only offers ease, but with the passage of time, gains importance in our daily lives.

Incorporating the use of Toilet Aids:

Toilet aids are not talked about, but are extremely helpful for those in need. These aids also contribute to safety and hygiene inside your bathroom.

Grab Bars for Safety:

Grab bars are also known as safety bars and can easily prevent accidents in bathroom. These products are available in various colors, shapes and sizes, and can be installed with ease. Getting off and on to the toilet and stepping in and out of the bathtub can be made prominently accident-free with grab bars.

Tap Turners to Prevent Wet Floors:

Sometimes, taps cannot be turned on or off easily, especially in case of arthritis patients. Tap tuner installation can solve this problem and ensure that the floor remains dry when the bathroom is not in use.


All the above safety tips will help you make your bathroom an accident-free zone, with respect to slips and falls.

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Storing Bathroom Essentials in a Trendy Way

At times, you don’t want to enter your bathroom because it is all unorganized and clumsy in appearance. The following products will not only make your room clean but also trendy and attractive.

Piling Up Loo Rolls in Trendy Basket:

Storing up your loo rolls in a stylish way is the ‘in’ thing. DIY your own baskets for storing these rolls. It will save money and give you a chance to showcase your creativity. Another option is buying trendy baskets for piling up loo rolls in a stylish way.

Cabinets for Family-Sized Storage:

You have a big family and need something that can store items for the entire family. Bathroom cabinet will stack up everything from mouthwash to cleaning products and other essentials. Thus, you will have more space in your bathroom that will make it appear impressive.

Heating Up the Room with Towel Warmers:

Want to get rid of the dampness in your bathroom? Towel warmers are highly effective in drying up towels, delicate outfits and the bathroom! Exchange your old, worthless radiators for high quality towel warmers. You will get fluffy, warm towels and a dry and moisture-free bathroom.

Mirrors for Bathroom Decor:

One of the most extravagant bathroom accessories is the bathroom mirror. Vanity mirrors are good option for those that have some extra money in hand for bathroom accessories. The ideal buy is a mirror with built-in storage facility. These not only offer space for storing bathroom essentials but also appear extremely attractive.

Designer Furniture to the Rescue:

Corner furniture is a great way to furnish your cloakroom or small bathroom. The designer ones are exclusive and make your petite space glamorous and trendy. You can also try designer basin units that come with concealed shelf space (underneath).

Camouflaging Storage Space:

If your storage space is not sufficing your requirement, you have to look for alternatives. One great option is the ‘verity tall’ cabinet. It not only fits in all your bathroom essentials but also mixes up well with the room decor if placed in the living space, kitchen, bedroom or hallway.

Opting for Inexpensive Accessories:

After all the pain that you take to create your bathroom suite, it would be unfair to not give it worthy final touches. By adding chic yet inexpensive accessories such as holders for loo rolls, toothbrush cups and towel rails, you can convert your bathroom look from a hostel to that of a hotel. Proper shopping can offer you high style at low price.

Cleanliness is Impressive:

A pile of dirty laundry standing right where your bathroom begins is not something that will impress your guests. Laundry bags offer great help in stacking up your unwashed clothes. You will come across several designs, styles and shapes of laundry bags in local market. Buy a few that match your room decor. In this way, you can find a place to store your dirty clothes without disturbing the decor of your home.

Use one or more of the style tips mentioned above for decorating your bathroom and see how your it upgrades your room’s value.

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Steps To Undertake Before Buying A Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors play a very important role in adding beauty to your bathroom. Mirror in bathrooms are not just for beauty but they also have an important purpose. This purpose is the high functionality value that the mirrors have. What many people fail to understand is the hard work that goes into buying the appropriate mirror for your bathroom. There are quite a few factors that you need to remember when making the purchase. Trying to figure out what they are? Well, read on to know about these factors.

Planning to Buy a Bathroom Mirror? Steps to Remember


  • Measure the Space you have Allocated for Your Mirror – Mirrors take up quite a lot of space in your bathroom walls. Therefore before choosing the size of the mirror it is important for you to know whether that size will fit in the wall or not. So measure the space in your bathroom wall that you have allocated for the mirror before cracking the deal and making the purchase.


  • Decide Your Budget before Buying – When it comes to buying a mirror to decorate your bathroom, there are no dearth of options. So before you let the options make decision making difficult for you, fix your budget. Once the budget gets fixed, selecting the mirror that will adorn in your bathroom wall becomes easy.


  • Select the Type of Frame You Want – The frame of the mirror is the key element to brighten things up in your bathroom. So choose the design of the frame carefully. Once the frame is selected, fitting the mirror inside it is just a matter of time. The style of the frame should reflect your personal style preference and should be at par with the rest of the style of your bathroom.


  • Remember the Function of the Mirror – The primary function of the mirror that you are planning to place in your bathroom is to see the proper reflection of your self. So place the mirror strategically so that this primary function is not compromised with. Once the mirror is placed, you can customize the light fittings accordingly to enhance the look of your bathroom.


  • Check out other Places before Buying – Before buying the mirror, always remember to do as much research as possible. By research it implies checking out other places, the quality of bathroom mirrors they offer and the range of price in which they offer it. Checking out other places will give you a clear idea about the industry price standards and will help you in deciding.


So let the idea of going out for shopping not excite you so much that you forget to remember these tips mentioned above.

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Selecting the Right Tap For Your Bathroom

Your bathroom remodeling is incomplete without the right selection of taps. Prior to finalizing taps for your bathroom, you must remember that the taps should have the same design as the brassware in your bathroom. The following lines will throw light on various other options you available for your bathroom taps.

Deck or Wall Mounted Taps for General Use:

Deck or wall mounted taps are common in almost every household. A deck mounted tap features drilled holes within the basin or bath rims along with partially-exposed pipes. The structure of deck mounted taps provide extra surface for easy cleaning and easy access to repair as and when needed. For those of you who intend to improve the decor of your bathroom, the latest in bathroom taps features a freestanding bath installed in 2-in-1 bathroom and bedroom or right at the center of your bathroom. The best tap option for this bath is the trendy floor mounted version as you can easily redirect it for plumbing.

The Bath Filler Option:

Bath filler is the ideal choice for a washroom that has water pressure issue, as this tap variety does not need high water pressure for functioning. It’s functioning is almost similar to a free-flowing beautiful waterfall. A bath filler model features two distinctive handles for setting the right water temperature that allow cold and hot water mix up well before you leave the tap open.

Temperature Controlled Taps for the Aged:

If there are elderly people in your home, you should opt for temperature controlled taps as they help avert scalding and other such risks. In terms of maintenance, the ceramic disc tap is long-lasting and way more efficient than a normal tap.

Some Essential Tips:


  • For Mixer Taps- A mixer tap mixes cold and hot water inside the tap body. It comes with a handle on each side that regulates the flow of water. But, this tap requires considerably high water pressure for proper functioning which is why you should have water pressure in your home checked prior to investing in this tap.


  • For Dual Flow Taps- A dual flow tap makes provision for single stream of water too, however, the cold and hot water flow separately from the tap, preventing equal pressure problem. You can use this tap as an alternative to the mixer tap in case you face the unequal pressure problem with the supply of cold and hot water.


  • For Monobloc Taps- A monobloc tap works on one lever for regulating the water flow via the mixer tap. This tap can be controlled with ease and its appearance is neat and tidy. However, it works efficiently only when there is an equal pressure between the cold and hot water supply.


Among others you should pay attention to the reliability, quality, design, durability, guarantee and performance factors while buying taps. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tap variety description will help you find the right tap for your bathroom.

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Selecting Bathroom Cabinets Have Become Easy In 4 Steps

Has styling up your bathroom been one of the longstanding tasks for a very long time? Well, now is the right time to do it because giving a fresh and new look to your bathroom has never been this easy. Have you put on the thinking cap trying to figure out the easy ways as has been mentioned in the previous statement. There is no need to think so hard because we let the cat out of the bag and inform you that the easy way is to add super stylish cabinets. Cabinets are a great way to keep all your bathroom accessories in place and organized along with giving a sleek and stylish look to your bathroom.

So add some bathroom cabinets to keep things stylish.

Factors to Remember when Choosing Bathroom Cabinets?


  • Do the Required Research – There are millions of bathroom cabinets to choose from. But there is no point in looking at those million options when you need to just focus on those select few cabinets that will look good in your bathrooms. So check the prices and the design that will blend well with the rest of the look of your bathroom.


  • Keep the Expenses in Mind – Cabinets are expensive and that is the reason why you need to keep a close look on the expenses. Use your money intelligently and purchase cabinets those are partially finished. Since you can buy them at a lesser price and give the finishing look yourself. This would also give you the scope to not just be creative but customize the look of the cabinets as per your preference.


  • Add Your Personal Style Elements – What is the point of adding cabinets and styling up your bathroom if you cannot add your personal style in it? Hence, whenever you go shopping, don’t get blinded by the style, instead consider whether the finishing of the cabinet is a reflection of your personal style or not.


  • Don’t Follow the Boring Style Trends – One of the most common practices of people trying to buy cabinets is, they follow the style trends. These trends are common and is easily available everywhere. So never follow the style trends blindly. Otherwise you will be disappointed later when you see that your style lacks the exclusivity that you always wanted. Since everybody else is following the ‘herd mentality’ and adapting those trends.


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Options in Towel Warmer for Bathroom Addition

Bathroom towel warmers basically warm towels. They work to make sure that towels are completely dry for use. A towel that comes out of a warming machine or a warming rack will give the feel that it has been taken out of a dryer. This ensures that you do not have to rush with drying your body but complete the process in a slow and detailed way. This appliance makes the towel dry in a more effective way as compared to air drying a towel inside the bathroom.

Towel warmers will not only dry your towels efficiently and quickly but will also make the environment more sanitary and hygienic. Simply wipe your wet hands on the towel and place it on the rack. The towel warmer will keep it dry and contamination-free. Read on to know more about towel dryer varieties in the market.

Towel Warmer Types:

Based on your budget and your bathroom decor and space, there are three types of towel warmers for your bathroom. These varieties include:

Hydronic Towel Warmers- This towel warmer type is a popular choice. It directly connects to the plumbing system of your home. All you need to do is allow hot water to pass through the towel warmer and then get back into the plumbing system. This will keep you from wasting hot water. This appliance is highly energy-efficient but poses a lot of trouble during installation. The biggest drawback in installing this appliance is that houses or bathrooms opting for hydronic towel warmers, need to undergo modification.

Electric Towel Warmer- Due to the fact that hydronic towel warmers demand modification in bathrooms for their installation, homeowners opt for installing electric towel warmers instead. You can install these appliances directly on the bathroom wall. They can also stand as portable standing units, just like space heaters. The good quality towel warmers are equipped with thermostat for owners to control their temperature. They are automatic at a functioning level which is why you don’t have to worry about leaving this appliance on.

Wall Mounted Towel Warmer- For bathrooms with limitation in floor space, the wall mounted towel warmer is an ideal option. It is a wise choice for people who want stylish bathroom addition in a budget-friendly way.

You can select from the above-mentioned towel warmer types the one that will accentuate your bathroom decor in the most successful way.

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Important Bathroom Furniture That Is Cost Effective

Bathrooms have an important role to play in the regular tasks of the people living in the household. Understanding the high functionalities of your bathroom, it is necessary that you have adequate bathroom furniture. Does bathroom furniture imply burning a whole in your pocket just in the attempt to get the right amenities? You can heave a sigh of relief because the answer is no. There are several cost effective ways to get your desired bathroom furniture that will make your bathroom look like a million bucks. Interested to know about them? Then stay with us and let us give a brand new look to your bathroom.

Cost Effective Tips to Get the Bathroom Furniture


  • Don’t Change the Installation – If planning to remodel the look of your bathroom, the first thought that comes across everybody’s mind is to change the existing installations. People try to make room for new installations so that they can accommodate the new designs that they are planning to place in their bathroom. Never do that because changing installation implies draining out a lot of money. Instead, let the installation be where it is meant to be and fix new bathroom fittings around the existing installations.


  • Recycle the Old Shower Curtains – With time and excessive usage, shower curtains tend to become old and worn out. So does this imply that you will buy new shower curtains? You can just be a little creative and give a brand new look to your old shower curtains. How? Add some bright colours those are water resistant, place fun and quirky motifs to make the old shower curtain interesting. You can also add some neon colours those are water resistant because that helps considerably in brightening things up.


  • Re Use the Old Living Area Furniture – The furniture you use in the living area can be re used in your bathroom as well. Wondering how? Well, get the shabby looking sitting couches that was in the store room for a very long time. Bring them out, wrap them in some bright colored water resistant plastic materials and place them in the relaxation spots of your bathroom. These couches are not just comfortable but wrapping them in bright materials is also a great way to make the bathroom look interesting.


So when are you planning to pull up your socks in order to get to work? This piece of information has surely made you all excited because you get to give a new look to your bathroom in an extremely cost effective way.

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