Hottest Fresh Bathroom Trends in 2015

They say, the taste of a family is reflected by the way their bathroom is maintained. Not only is it a place to freshen up and become ‘cleaner’, it is also the room where you can be just as you are and relax after a tiring day. Right from bathroom sets to the drainage system, everything contributes in creating the look. Thus, keep the bathroom spick and span, nicely decorated and decked up with useful yet good looking things will only help you and the other unwind as well as get praises from visitors. Here are the latest trends for decorating bathrooms this year:

  • Talking about relaxation, spas and saunas, whirlpool baths and steam baths can be a great addition to your bathroom. A one-time investment, they will also reduce your need to visit the spa every month for letting your hair loose.

  • Those who are keen on compromising the all-white classic bathroom look can opt for matte tiles which look chick. There are many varieties and colours of these available in the market. Many such bathroom products online are also good.

  • Walk in showers might not be the latest arrivals in the world of bathroom décor, but they continue to grow in popularity this year too. An ultimate of luxury and individuality, if you can spend some cash, then there can be no alternative to this.

  • A low flow toilet is one smart choice which can be opted if you are someone who is always keen on contributing towards saving the environment. Coming with two options for flushing, that is one for .8 gallons and the other for 1.6 gallons, this toilet prevents the misuse of water.

  • Try black instead of white for the faucets, tubs, and toilets. It will give an interesting character to the room by standing out against a white or cream wall and floor. The curves of the faucets will look sexy to say the least.

  • Curb-less and frameless showers are minimalist and give the bathroom a typical elite look. Curb-less showers are good options for those who have a smaller bathroom and are ideally accompanied by sleek floor drains. Frameless showers are not just lasting but are the no-nonsense kind providing only what is needed.

  • Copper has entered the market like never before –right from jewellery to baths. Copper wash basins, light fixtures and bath tubs are simply elegant and classy.

  • The bold floral statement on walls has now shifted from the bedroom to the bathroom. However, it is important to balance out other elements including bathroom products with this bold design.

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