How to Clean Strains on Bathroom Taps

The taps and faucets in the bathroom are no doubt items of immense utility but most of us do not pay heed to their aesthetic appeal as such. However, even then, it is important to maintain the basic cleanliness of the fitting in our bathroom- unclean taps and faucets make for an overall unkempt look. However, we find that the stains on the bathroom taps are not very easy to remove. Here are some ways of tackling this problem:

The key to cleaning anything is to know that what is causing the dirt or the grime. The problem with taps is that although they do not allow much dust to settle because of our constant handling and the fact that any dirt gets washed away because of the close proximity to water, the nature of the water itself can often make things difficult.

For example, hard water or water with too high an iron content will make the taps go reddish. Bathroom taps in Ireland can also have limescale formation. If the taps are not of good quality steel or brass, the iron might even react with the alloys and you could end up getting rust like formations on the taps. These layers are not easily cleaned by your regular detergent or soaps and you would have to end up using harsh cleaning agents.

Vinegar or lemon concentrate can help you to remove these markings. You can also opt for commercial cleaning concentrates. Read the instruction carefully and take the requisite amount on a cotton pad or dish cloth. Rub the area firmly and leave it on for an hour. Scrub the area and repeat the process if necessary.

If you taps have nooks and corners or have joints where they fit the walls, use a thin and long handled brush to get to the accumulated dirt. You can also apply the cleaning solution at the tip and rub the nooks with it to loosen any dirt.

Taps and faucets can also develop water marks. To do away with them, take some detergent on a dish cloth and rub firmly on the area. Clean the soap suds and rinse the taps thoroughly and immediately dry them up with a clean and dry cloth.

The best way is to prevent the formation of water marks in the first place- do try and wipe the taps from time to time so that water does not stand around the taps.

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